Artist Biography

I was born in Olympia, Washington, and raised and educated in Maryland. When I was 25, I moved West, living in Arizona for 7 years. In 2002, I arrived in Santa Cruz, California. Here’s where I hope to stay.

High school was where I started to take art seriously, though I picked up the crayons and magic markers as a child.
While a teenager, a couple of teachers showed me that if you carefully observed, you could use pencil and charcoal to reproduce what you saw. In college, I was given a real foundation for making art with a fairly classical education: art history, figure drawing, painting, elements of design, etc.

My own personal art has been driven by symbols since college. These symbols are my own, often culled from dreams. The landscapes that one sees in my art come from the Atlantic to the Pacific, and the deserts of Arizona. And the techniques I use are pulled from both my collegiate years and my professional wanderings.

I’ve always wanted to involve the viewer, not distance them. I’ll often crop my portraits close and make them larger than life. I’m also in love with texture, and in my abstracts I tend to throw odd bits into the paint, or try to create the illusion of different textures and depths.

Most importantly, I hope to elicit some kind of feeling or emotion from the viewer. I guess if I had my way, I’d watch everyone who came up to a painting of mine, in the faint hope that I created a kind of connection between them and myself, however fleeting it might be.