Arttist Statement

There isn’t much about painting that I don’t like. I enjoy looking at an object or person or scene and seeing it become real on a blank surface. The manipulation of paint interests me. Texture interests me. Everyday subjects like landscapes, portraits, and still lifes also compel me. So do my own personal symbols and dreams. Abstracts can be like playtime with their uninhibited improvisational qualities. But sometimes I feel more comfortable with more traditional, structural material.

Ultimately, however, I am searching for connection. I want the viewer to be moved. Anger, joy, even sentimentality…some emotions I’d wish more than others, but as long as people feel something. I want my viewers to be involved with the painting. This is why many of my pieces are large and/or cropped closely. This makes the aspects of the painting (as well as the painting as an object itself) hard to ignore.

I also feel that the dark side of the world, including my own mind, shouldn’t be ignored. To me, they inform any painting, even indirectly, with a fuller dimension that makes them richer, more authentic. Perhaps because of the contrast, darkness makes the lighter paintings even lighter.